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Meeteor.comWith its ability to go through your existing social data and recommend new people for you to befriend, Meeteor stands as the perfect service for those who are looking for a quick way to make new personal and professional connections. Meeteor accommodates both kinds of uses since it can effectively go through your Facebook and LinkedIn contacts, and figure out who could be a good match for you based on the friends you already have there.


Someone who could introduce you to a new boss, a person who works at that company you have always been eager to work for, people who have similar interests and that could be great to hang out with… these can be found through Meeteor in a matter of minutes. You simple authorize the application to access your social profiles, and then it will take a good look at all your contacts in order to start working out the best connections for you.

And the efficacy of such a process is increased to no end by letting you enumerate your professional goals one by one. Plus, Meeteor comes with a built-in messaging platform for getting to know people better before actually adding them to your own networks. In Their Own Words

Meeteor leverages your social data on Facebook and LinkedIn to introduce you to people you don’t know, but should.

Some Questions About

How is this accomplished from a technical point of view? Which algorithms are used?


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