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Hurox.comHurox (as in who rocks) promises to be a not-your-average-social-networking social networking site. In fact, it’s not.


Hurox offers a new twist on the whole social networking genre. With Hurox, you can actually create your own rich media website and embed fully customized content in them. Hurox has all the tools you need to create a website without code or anything to tax your brain. No programming knowledge is required with Hurox. Simply drag and drop layouts, templates, graphics, applications, and content until you’ve got a working site that you’d be proud to share with your friends and the fellow Hurox community. There’s even a chance to bank on your website. Hurox makes it easy to sell any content on your site. Set a price and Hurox will handle the rest. You can also earn money with ad revenue. The rest you know well how to do: social network, find friends, share, get recommendations, feeds, etc. In Their Own Words

“Hurox (pronounced “who rocks”) is much more than your average social network. At Hurox we believe in the freedom of expression. We have worked hard to make sharing your creativity and passion as easy as possible. Using some of the most advanced tools available, anyone can create virtually any “website”, no pasting code or programming necessary.

Hurox also believes in giving back to the community. Every Hurox member has the ability to earn monetary rewards for their efforts. Focusing on the Artistic community, musicians, authors, photographers and the like will have the ability to share and sell their creations with other members in the Hurox community”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Hurox provides a fresh face to the stale social networking phenomena. It lets user be a little more hands-on in the creation of their profile or page and it gives users a chance to make money. Any social networking fan looking for something more will enjoy what Hurox has to offer.

Some Questions About

Yet another social networking site? How will Hurox lure users away from the Facebooks and MySpaces dominating the nets? Money works only to a certain extent. Will users actually want to create their own sites? Or would they prefer the usual fill in the blank profiles?


Author : Bruce Turner

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