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FBLike.comYou don’t need to be the most sagacious person to figure out what a site named FBLike is all about, especially at a time in which online conversation is still dominated by Facebook’s revealed plans to render the WWW into a wide open entity. You must also be aware of the implementation of “Like” buttons everywhere.


If you are, then this site will make a lot of sense to you. It is a spot where these stories liked by your Facebook friends are gathered together for you to visualize at a mere glance.

Liked items are grouped in categories like “CNN”, “YouTube” and “ESPN”, whereas categories such as “College Humor” and “People” are likewise featured for you to have a god look at.

The value a site such as this one can have for you depends on how active you are on Facebook, but I dare say that if you read this review to begin with you must be far from a Social Web introvert, and that you must have enough friends and contacts there so as to make using FBLike something warranted. In Their Own Words

“Discover what your Facebook friends like!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who are an active part of Facebook will find it an apt way to learn how their friends relate to content on the Web.

Some Questions About

Will more categories be added later on? Can you suggest a couple yourself?


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