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Engage.comDating websites just got a little friendlier. Instead of the formulaic, meat-market set up so common on popular online dating sites, Engage introduces singles through mutual friends.


That way, your married friend Hillary can play matchmaker between you and her co-worker Alex (but you can also first check out their profile page). Engage promises that response rates are higher when introductions are made through mutual acquaintances, and that singles avoid the awkward need to “sell” themselves online, since a friend is vouching for you. Engage allows you to connect with individuals that are twice removed from your inner social circle. In Their Own Words

“Engage was founded in 2005. Our goal? Make it as easy to meet new people and explore an attraction online as it is to discover someone new at a trusted friend’s party, out in the real world.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This social networking- dating website hybrid definitely takes some of the pressure off anyone looking for a partner. Not only does it better mimic real life encounters, but you can worry less about meeting an untrustworthy individual, and can receive the back story from someone you know. There are also traditional search tools (you can search by religion, location, or race, among other criteria) so you can find exactly who you are looking for- within a community of trusted friends.

Some Questions About

What is the incentive for married or non-single people to join? Won’t they just see the site as a dating service and avoid creating a profile? I see Engage being successful as a well-designed add-on to an existing social website (like a facebook application) where the social relationships are already in place for a non-dating purpose.


Author : Mery Fisher

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