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EmpireAvenue.comHave you ever thought what would happen if online influence were a currency, or if it had a value at the very least? I bet many of you did, and that you arrived at the same conclusion: it all sounds very interesting in theory, but it would be a little awkward in practice. Well, this site proves that such a concept is more viable than we would have imagined.


Empire Avenue is an online stock market that revolves around influence. On the site, you can buy shares in your favorite brands, stars and personalities and begin climbing the ranks. It is all structured as a true game, with you receiving badges for taking care of specific tasks, but (if the concept catches on) the company behind it has a more substantial agenda. It will connect advertisers and brands with influencers, and let such individuals carry advertisings for products, receiving a portion of the advertising revenue in exchange for their services. The concept is interesting any way that you look at it, and the fact that the site is so wide (you can buy shares on anybody from the guy in the corner shop to your favorite blogger) simply make everything all the more likeable. In Their Own Words

“Connect with other people who like the same things as you, find interesting bloggers to follow, or unearth a cool new business in your home town! This Internet thing is pretty useful, you know, and Empire Avenue helps you find the people and businesses that are relevant to you.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If successful, a system like this one will pose a new paradigm of social interaction bar none.

Some Questions About

Will the concept catch on? Will people get the twist of it all?


Author : Roger Hollings

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