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Look no further than this site if you want your children to experience the Internet in a way that’s nurturing, and 100% safe of all the risks that go with social networks. is a virtual world that has been specifically created for children aged 8-14, and that can be played both with and without the supervision of an adult (it depends on how young the children are).


On, your kids will be able to create a character of their own and explore the vast gaming area that’s provided. They’ll be able to interact both with other NPCs (non-player characters) that will give them missions, and with characters who are controlled by other children. The idea is that they’ll band together to do missions, and then they’ll start interacting in a more social way, chatting and swapping stories and anecdotes of life as they know it.

Currently, the site has got more than 3 million players that come from every corner of the world. Registration to the site comes at zero cost, and your child will be able to create a character who looks just like him (or like his favorite fantasy hero) and start exploring the game’s world in just a couple of minutes.

UPDATE: Dizzywood closed down in December 2010, but its community still remains active on the company’s blog – check it out here. And if you want, you can also sign up for Dizzywood’s newsletter while you’re there. In Their Own Words

“Dizzywood is a fun free online game for kids where you can play free games, explore unique and imaginative areas, and meet new friends in a safe environment. Whether it’s a visit to a Mayan-themed jungle or a super power challenge to defeat Emperor Withering, Dizzywood offers children ages 8-12 the opportunity to create their own adventure, cooperate with other players in exciting games and challenges, and have fun while learning. ”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site has a very childish yet surprisingly stylish character set. The storyline is at once amusing and smart. There are bright and vivid colors. Kids will get a kick out of it. Besides, this is a big opportunity–this market demographic could end up being very profitable especially with tie ins and a virtual currency.

Some Questions About

Wouldn’t parents appreciate an even better explanation of all the features and activities kids can engage in? And why do all avatars look as perfect as Barbie dolls?


Author : Siri Marshall

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