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Criboo.comA new social network has just been launched. This particular endeavor goes by the name of Criboo, and it comes with all the usual goodies.


Photos and online discussions are part of the premises, and (most notably) Criboo also makes for seeing what those who are part of your circle of friends are doing at any given moment. This means that if your friend “A” is writing in the guestbook of your friend “B” while your friend “C” chats away with friend “D” you are shown all this activity as it is happening.

You can create an account for free anytime by visiting the relevant page. The prototypical social network information such as personal particulars and country of origin has to be furnished, along with a valid e-mail address to which a confirmation message will be sent.

Some might claim that a new endeavor like this one has no chance against already-established social networking giants, but I think it is always nice to have alternatives. If you have a soft spot for social networking, you might as well give it a try and see if it clicks with you or not. Just point your browser to and you’re on your way. In Their Own Words

“ provides a special technical solution that makes it possible for all members to see what other online members are doing in the community.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a viable alternative to social networking.

Some Questions About

What features are planned for future releases?


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