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ChallengeIn.comTaking the competitive concept that lies at the heart of location-based services one step further, ChallengeIn presents itself as the first board game of the location-based era. And as far as anyone can tell, that is exactly accurate. ChallengeIn gathers together everything from challenges, puzzles and jokes that are all tied with a specific location. People who are there get to create teams, and compete against others. The ones who amass the more points will conquer that specific venue, and become the kings of it.


The objective of the game is obviously to eventually become the rulers of every venue in town, and have the badges that go with each and every location And fighting to stay at the top, of course.

There are some other rewards, too – more tangible ones, if you wish. Teams will get coupons and discounts for their participation.

ChallengeIn is available for free at the AppStore. It has been designed by a two-man team made up of Claudio Carnino & Nicoletta Donadio. In Their Own Words

The first board game of the location-based era.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is like a more charged version of Foursquare.

Some Questions About

Will the coupons and bonuses be enough to make people stick to it?


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