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Biteclub.comWho hasn”t fantasized about opening a hip restaurant or bar? Ok, so plenty of people probably haven”t, but this site is for those who have. Started by three guys who live and breathe the industry, the site offers advice, information, social networking, and recommendations for anyone who likes to eat or drink, or who wants to sell eats and drinks.


The site is all encompassing and sophisticated, especially for a social networking site. As they themselves say, “life is too short for bad food, bad wine or bad service.” They even discuss the recent gossip and news headlines from the industry. Biteclub has definitely done well with this niche market and they deserve success. In Their Own Words

The Biteclub was formed by Sonny, Randy and Mark. The story behind their lives is complicated, but that”s for you to find out. Get to know them.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Food and drink are the foundation of our social world with billions of dollars at stake. Creating a niche social networking site for this market is a winner.

Some Questions About

How are they marketing the site to generate more traffic? Do they have the proper team to manage the many facets of the site, given the founders busy lives (ie, the headlines on the homepage were the same three articles)?


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