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Who do you hate? I really wanted to stop and think about it, who is that one person or that one group of people that every time you think about them, read about them or see them you feel like you’re going to explode with rage. Okay, now that you have that person or that group in your mind, think about all of the rude, grumpy, unfriendly and all around non-politically correct things you would like to say about them, but were too afraid to say out loud. Now that you have all of that information in your head, sit down on your computer and visit .


When you do this you will be directed to It is a webpage that is designed for individuals who just feel angry, and want to be able to vent their frustration. When you visit this page you will see a list of different groups of people that commonly caused others to feel upset and or angry. On you can read what others have to say about their bosses, companies that they work for, certain places that they hate the visit, or certain politicians that just drive them crazy.

Then after reading what they have to say, it then becomes your turn. This webpage allows you to vent your frustrations in the form of a blog. You will be allowed to speak your mind without restraint.

Women are you angry because have had to deal with nothing but scummy, lowlife men who seem to always pop up when you least want them to? Then click on the tab on the left hand side under group, and then navigate down the ABC list to M and you will find men. If you’re angry and you want people to know it is the site for you.

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