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SnapDat.comSnapDat is a new solution that empowers mobile users to keep and share contact information in a stylish fashion, using their best-loved devices. In a certain sense, this service can be compared to digital business cards that are stored and readily shared using mobile technology.

These business cards go by the name of “SnapCards”, and you can not only create and distribute as many as you wish, but you can also have your pick from over 40 different templates. In practice, this means that you are more than likely to come across one that suits your style minutely. The creation process per se is quite easy, too – you just pick the desired card, apply your contact data and then you are ready to go.

As far as usage is concerned, this process is also as easy as they come. All you have to do is select the card and send it, as SnapCards are always ready to be launched.

A concept that also merits mentioning is that of SnapID. This could be compared to your address within the SnapDat system, and it is where other users send their SnapCards to. SnapCards can also be sent to those who don’t have SnapDat installed on their mobile. In this case, the cards are sent as vCard attachments.

Lastly, it is important to stress that this service is provided entirely free of charge. Some premium features will be implemented in the near future, but SnapDat is meant to stand as a free manner of communicating information, readily available to mobile users everywhere. In Their Own Words

“SnapDat™ is an entirely fresh approach to exchanging mobile contact data. To start, we’ve made mobile contact sharing Simple & Fast. Just launch, select & send. That’s it. Receiving contact info in SnapDat™ is even easier… And unlike other contact sharing apps, SnapDat™ includes 40 custom SnapCard™ designs so you can always convey your information in a style that’s appropriate to the exchange. Even more, SnapDat™ provides contact management & integration with the iPhone Address book. And best of all, SnapDat™ is currently offered for free!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a flexible way of sharing information that takes full advantage of the latest mobile technology.

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What premium services are planned to be implemented?

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