How to submit? – SKS Enthusiasts Community is an American online community of SKS enthusiasts.

In case you didn’t know, the SKS is a Russian semi automatic carbine designed in 1945 and popular all over the world on the civilian surplus market. Here you can learn everything about this weapon and access to image galleries and main features. Anyway, the main feature of the site is their online forums. There you can meet other SKS enthusiasts in order to share comments, information, images, and discuss related topics. Topics discussed here include accessories, shooting, other weapons, pictures, and retail and business information. In order to get full access to the forums and post messages, you must be a registered user. If you though you would be the only one interested in a site like this you are completely wrong, since this site has more than 5.240 members. Finally, in order to support the site, you can make an online donation trough Paypal.

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