How to submit? – Bottle and Packaging is a supplier site where all plastic bottles, glass bottles, plastic jars, glass jars, metal containers and closures designs are available for your own packaging needs.

Within this site you can find a wide and various online selections available, which are all priced correctly, for your finding of the best product with the best pricing. You can find different sections in this site, divided by the kind of container and by what it’s made of and its purpose. You can as well find tubes and vials, vinyl bags, pails, drums, and various caps and closures, such as brush or dispensing caps, glass droppers, metal and plastic caps, orifice reducers, pumps, atomizers and shrink bands. If you are interested in other products, have any questions, or need information on the products, there is as well sections for that. Within this site you can as well get information on any other subject in the industry, like aromatherapy, candles, food, all of these which as well are contain by these different containers.

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