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Skloog.comSkloog is a free service that you can use in order to keep all the sites that you have bookmarked accessible from one centralized location. By signing up and creating an account you will receive your own personalized page, and then you will be able to start adding shortcuts to all these sites that you just can’t do without.

Moreover, you will be capable of organizing the way in which you access all that information so that accessing it is something as natural as you intend it to be. Broadly speaking, the bookmarks that you can add are going to fall in any of these four categories: “Info”, “News”, “Shopping” and “Social”. Everything else will go straight into a “Uncategorized” folder. And each bookmark that you add can actually be accompanied by tags, so that you will be able to access sites in more ways than one.

As it was mentioned above, this is a free service. Simply choose a username and a password in order for your account to be activated, and for your Skloog page to become editable and configurable at will. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to Skloog, the most convenient bookmarking site on the web!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Dealing with bookmarks becomes something entirely pleasurable through such a system.

Some Questions About

How many bookmarks can you add? Is there any kind of limit?

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