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Skinnyo.comYou know, just because winter is almost here you should not stop looking after yourself. Being fit means so much more than looking good. Besides, you have no excuse not to care when there is something like Skinnyo available – an application that turns the whole process of losing weight into a competition with your friends.

The site works by letting its members create challenges that can either be public or private, and then a series of progress graphs will let everybody know who is closer to reaching the fitness goal in question. Each individual task that is completed will result in points beings accumulated. And the person who wins the challenge will get a badge that he can display on his profile page with pride.

And Skinnyo doubles as a support network where members can motivate each other to reach their every objective. That is made all the more easy because members can write their own diaries, and keep everybody posted on the steps they are actually taking to burn these unwanted calories. In Their Own Words

A place to help you lose weight.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Having everything structured as a game means that people will become more involved and motivated.

Some Questions About

In which other ways can people interact through the site?

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