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SkillAddiction.comSkill Addiction is a new resource that will let you play games on the Web for free, and actually generate an income for doing so. That is, you are given a chance to do something productive from a financial point of view without actually being productive in the strict sense of the world.

The games that you can play on the site cover a lot of styles, and this translates into the fact that almost everybody will have a genre he will feel comfortable with. Consequently, he will be sure to generate a faster income since he will already know how to play and succeed. You have action and arcade titles, puzzlers and logic offerings and card games. You can also take part of treasure hunts if that is what you enjoy doing best.

You can also choose to take part of tournaments, and many different styles are already featured – trophy tournaments, progressive tournaments… There is even a modality of tournament named “You-vs-You”. And gaming styles such as “Head To Head” are also featured.

This site is likewise notable for having a virtual currency of its own, effectively providing games with a more focused experience on the whole. In Their Own Words

“Skill Addiction is definitely one of the reasons why being unproductive could be, well, productive. I mean, could you really imagine raking in some serious cash just by simply slacking around and playing your favorite cash game online? You read that one right. Cash games are simply one of the very few concepts that could beat the old saying that ‘no pain, no gain’. I mean, how much could you actually get when playing cash games and just be rewarded in the end?

If you want some really fast cash, then, playing your favorite cash games could be your easiest and, I bet, awesome way to do it; any investment that you actually need to have just to start raking in some money? Zero. Yes, you got that one right. Skill Addiction provides a zero investment opportunity in terms of dollars just to give you what you need.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way to turn hours of idleness into something actually productive.

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How long does it take for you to start seeing some substantial earnings?

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