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Share on: is a promotional site presented by Fox and Burger King. With the pending release of the Simpsons’ movie (at last!), the site is here to let you turn yourself into an animated version of your favorite character.


Simpsonizeme.comwww.Simpsonizeme.comThe site is meant to be easy to use. You upload an image of yourself, answer some questions about your gender, age, dress, character preference, hair, etc, and you will be modified to look like an animated character from the show.

By doing this, you’re giving permission to Fox to post these photos on the Simpsons’ movie homepage. (

When I actually tried to test the site out, it was very particular about what type of image I had to upload, but it walked me through that. The real bummer was that it took way too long for the image to upload…so long that I gave up. This is either because of heavy traffic, or bugs in their system. My money’s on the latter. Not much else was offered on this site, and I wonder how long it will be around once the movie has run its theatrical course. We’ll see.

UPDATE: was taken offline shortly after the movie had closed. In Their Own Words

Simpsonize Yourself. Free Transformation.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The Simpsons is one of the longest-running shows on TV with zillions of fans spanning at least two generations. With a new movie coming out, any toy or game associated with it will likely be a huge hit. This site is particularly fun, at least in theory, because your photo will go up on the official movie site and you can share with your friends and family.

Some Questions About

Why did it take so long to upload my photo and play on this site? Why are there no links to other movie-sponsored sites? Are they just relying on traffic from those that visit the movie home page?

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