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Simplify text messaging for your business with Telvero

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Hundreds of businesses are trying to stay connected to their customers primarily via email, but as many of them have learned, the channel suffers from low engagement and their emails often do little except clutter the inboxes of their recipients. In fact, only an estimated 20% of emails end up being read. Luckily, with the power of texting, businesses can increase engagement and reach as much as 98% of their customers. Telvero is here to simplify texting for businesses with a versatile, intuitive and easy-to-use application.


Telvero makes it simple to text-enable your company’s existing landline number so you can reach more people on the channel they respond to most. Our mobile and web applications allow employees of businesses of any size to text from the company’s phone number, rather than with a personal or work number. Telvero’s intuitive application works just like the tools you’re used to for personal messaging, making it quick and easy for you and your employees to communicate with customers.


Text-enabling your company’s landline with Telvero takes only minutes. Simply sign up with your email address, set up your account and connect your landline phone number or choose a new number. From the Telvero dashboard, you can then manage your account, add contacts and send messages all in one place. Under the Chats icon, you can search for chats with a specific customer or group of customers, or start a new chat with a customer. Easily import your existing contacts or add new ones manually as well as segment your audience with tags. With the Broadcast function, you can send a text to a large group of specified customers.


With Telvero, texting is made simple – and so is our pricing model. Choose a plan that fits your needs and your budget and change it any time.

Whether through reservation confirmations, appointment reminders, event invitations, promotions or more, Telvero has tons of features for companies to get creative and engage with their customers in the ways that make sense to them. Some exciting features of Telvero include:

Location-specific phone numbers – Have a different phone number per office or region, even out of state locations.

Customized communication – Have person-to-person conversations, send on-demand or scheduled Broadcast messages and use auto-responder for after-hours messages.

Increase responsiveness – Allow multiple employees to manage communications with a shared inbox to reach customers more quickly.

Go beyond words – Send and receive texts with multimedia messages, including pictures, videos and documents.

Keep records – Archive or delete old conversations and add notes to conversations that are only visible to Telvero users who share your account.

Find messages fast – Search for messages in conversations and contacts to see a historical record of every interaction.


Telvero is the simple, intuitive text-messaging app for businesses to increase their customer engagement and connect with their audiences about what matters to them. We’re currently in Beta testing, so visit us at to learn more and start your own free trial.

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