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Sigitas.comThe role that lyrics play in modern music always causes some debate. On the one hand, there are those who propound that the words that accompany a melody are completely secondary to the appeal of a song.

This vantage point seems to be reinforced by the fact that compositions which are found lacking from a lyrical standpoint still become monster hits. On the other hand, some claim that beauty per se is a direct relation between form and content; if we apply this to the world of music, a beautiful song is the one that has meaningful content coupled with a robust melody. If you have never stopped to think about the lyrics of the songs you like, perhaps you should consider directing your browser to a lyrics site and see where you stand in the above-mentioned debate. The Sigitas Lyrics website is a good resource to these ends. Besides a database that can be browsed through, the site offers a thorough collection of music news. A list of the most popular artists is also featured for browsing convenience.

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