How to submit? – Like Pandora But For Music Blogs

Shuffler.fmThis website is exactly like Pandora, but only for music blogs. Shuffler aggregates music by genre from all over the Internet, and categorizes it in all the obvious channels.

You select one that you like (or one that you feel like knowing more about) and then you will be taken to a random blog post, and a song mentioned there will start playing. If the song is no good then you can skip it, or go to a different channel altogether.

From a technical point of view, this site works by aggregating music which is posted on a curated list of blogs. The RSS feeds from these blogs are monitored at all times, and whenever a new item materializes Shuffler takes a look at the songs mentioned there. It then makes a direct link to these songs, and they become playable on the site.

All in all, quite a practical way to find new music to delve into. Channels are always ordered by post time, too, so that you know you are having access to the very latest music making the rounds. In Their Own Words

“Shuffler is internet-radio made by music blogs.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It represents a very immediate way to discover new music to listen to – everything goes into autopilot.

Some Questions About

If you are a music blogger, how do you become featured on the site?

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