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Survive This Holiday Sales Season Using The ShopSavvy Application

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Given the sleepy side effects of Thanksgiving, I’m always amazed at the shopping Olympics that take place immediately afterward. I prefer to sleep through sales extravaganzas, Internet frenzies, and tremendous store aisle competitions – and observe comfortably from afar. Now that I’m a bit less turkey sedated, and the Black Friday and Cyber Monday crowds have thinned a bit, I’m definitely grateful for the help of the ShopSavvy application to make my holiday purchases.





Shopper’s Little Helper

ShopSavvy is a product barcode scanner and much more. Here are few of the gift-finding aides ShopSavvy has to offer:


  • Price Comparisons
  • Online and In Store Locators
  • Product Reviews
  • Product Searches
  • Easy Slide 2 Pay Technology
  • Deals, Coupons, Rebates, and Sales Scoops
  • Hot User Information


Track down the best prices at the most convenient online or physical locations using ShopSavvy. If you’re unsure about buying an item, check out reviews or search for similar products. Pay for goods from different retailers and have them shipped to your home all through ShopSavvy. What’s more, the app helps find a wide variety of savings opportunities.


ShopSavvy began humbly as a price-comparison app that won Google’s 2008 Android Developer Challenge. Users quickly took to ShopSavvy as a favorite in-store shopping app. Since then, the app has become compatible with other smartphone platforms and has been downloaded over 40 million times. Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin led a $7.5 million Series A round of investments last year to help expand social shopping features.


Staying In Season

Recently, ShopSavvy 6 updates included launching a free iPad app. This shrewd shift will allow the company to flourish even more during a shopping season that should witness high tablet-driven sales. ShopSavvy’s founders deserve credit for paying attention to users and adapting their application accordingly.





The larger tablet screen compared to a smart phone’s meant gearing the application more toward product browsing than price comparing. This required enhancing search performance considerably and revamping nearly 30 percent of the application’s code. Impressive, no doubt, but what consumers will really appreciate is the ability to shop for multiple products from multiple retailer websites in one place. No running from store to store, no clicking from website to website.


Visiting ShopSavvy is like going to a mall in your hands, without ever leaving the house if you prefer not to. Just keep the cranberry sauce and gravy boat away from the electronic devices.


Working Hard To Make Shopping Easier

It’s not surprising that ShopSavvy CEO and founder Alexander Muse would keep busy through the holidays. His serial startup endeavors include founding LayerOne, (where he pioneered “buy-side” interconnection used by almost every telecommunication company, excluding Sprint); and Big in Japan, (builder of Fancast, sold to Comcast Interactive). He’s also a co-founder of Architel, providing cloud services to medium and large-sized businesses. In addition, he’s the creator of the reality TV series MotorSport Ranch and the author of the weblog StartupMuse.





If you want to send your startup wishlist to Muse instead of Santa, he splits his time between San Francisco and Dallas.


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