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ShoeBox360.comShoebox 360 is a system that aims to put an end to the annoying fact of having photographs of the same event spread the breadth and width of social services like Facebook. That makes looking the images up not only time-consuming, but also quite impractical because not all the individuals that have attended the same party will necessarily be best friends with each other.

Hence, not everybody will be able to access all the pictures.

To put an end to this conundrum, Shoebox creates a virtual space in which the photos taken by everybody can be aggregated and arranged in a sequenced gallery. There is no limit to the actual number of photos that you (and everybody else) can upload, and everything is downloadable by default. And you can also add the photos that were taken by any professional photographer that you had hired for the occasion.

This virtual gallery is accessed through a pass key, and in order to create one an upfront fee has to be paid. And you can give the provided demo a try, too. In Their Own Words

“1 event. 1000s of photos. A lifetime of memories.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It solves the awkwardness of having images spread all over the Social Web.

Some Questions About

Will more pricing options be eventually added?

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