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ServiceScape Is The Freelance Marketplace For All Your Editing, Translating And Graphic Design Needs

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I’m a freelance writer. I should be better at hustlin’ my skills, but I’m not. I do, on occasion, find really great sites that list the services of freelancers, and I think to myself, “I really should create a profile and start making some cash.” And then I’m distracted, and the moment is gone. But, if you’re a more serious freelancer who is looking to showcase your talents and get connected with projects in need of your talents, you’re in luck. Meet ServiceScape.



Find Your Next Freelancer

An extension of EditAvenue and LanguageScape, ServiceScape is a “global marketplace for service-related commerce” and provides an extensive database of freelancers for translating, editing and graphic design projects. You can browse their profile to see their education (most have a high level of education), a little description about their services and, best of all, client reviews of their services. Personally, I find this to be the most helpful. And the site has On Demand services, meaning you don’t have to wait for bids or a bunch of sample work coming back to you; you can connect with a professional, pay for the services get your project done asap.





How it Works

For clients:

The site provides three different services for your project: translation, editing and graphic design. Once you’ve chosen your service, you can then filter the freelancers using search terms, minimum rating, profile size, minimum discount and how many profiles you want to display per page.


Once you’ve filtered your search, a list of available professionals is given. Click on a profile and see all the freelancer’s info. If you like what you see, submit your project by filling in the appropriate info and sending it off to the ServiceScape professional.


For Professionals:

ServiceScape is a fantastic place to showcase your freelance skills and connect with clients around the world. Their motto is “Commerce Without the Cubicle” (I like that). Choose which services you can provide from the three categories, fill out all your important info and start working on client projects. You have to work under ServiceScape guidelines, but it’s a worthwhile requirement to have access to their awesome resources.





For Businesses:

If you’re a corporation with lots of freelance work, you can set-up a ServiceScape corporate account and create a freelance labor force through the site. No more trolling the internet for new freelancers for every project. They’ll all be in one spot, through one site.


What the CEO has to say

David Costello, CEO of ServiceScape, says the inspiration for the site came from personal experience, saying:


“From my perspective, hiring a freelance professional online has always been a difficult task. You go to a site, look at a lot of profiles, create a project, wait for bids, and hire an individual. The process to find the right person and price for a job could take several days, which inevitably delays the completion date for the project. With, I have integrated all aspects of editing, translation, and graphic design projects into the site itself, meaning that a person can conduct commerce with a freelancer in just a couple of steps.



And, as far as measuring success, he says customer satisfaction is key:

“Every ServiceScape project can be rated from one to five stars. If I see anything less than five I investigate what happened, figure out how it can be rectified to the satisfaction of everyone involved, and try to learn as much as possible about the project so that the mistake is not repeated. As long as clients are happy and are interested in reusing the site, most other business issues will work themselves out.”


If you’re a freelance writer who wants a platform to showcase your skills, or a business with a project in need of those skills, definitely check out ServiceScape and get your project completed quickly and professionally.


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