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Sequitur Labs Simplifies Embedded Security

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Embedded systems connected to the internet are crucial to making many of today’s devices and future devices work, from smart home devices to medical devices to industrial robots and more. However, without proper security, these devices could become vulnerable to attacks, resulting in damaged products and reputations. Securing connected devices is extremely important, which is why Sequitur Labs is working to make security simple, accessible and affordable.

Sequitur Labs develops seminal technologies to improve trust in a connected world, reducing the cost and complexity to build secure embedded and IoT devices. Their products span a range of disciplines required for trusted computing, from boot through the full device lifecycle. Sequitur’s security solutions provide business value to device makers, such as reducing BoM costs, protecting revenue by thwarting IP theft, improving product reliability and reducing liability.

EmSPARK™ Security Suite by Sequitur Labs is a comprehensive chip-to-cloud security software that provides security solutions at each step of the IoT device lifecycle: design, build, and sustain. It’s designed to help IoT device developers reduce security risks and time-to-market challenges.

As a turn-key solution, the EmSPARK™ Security Suite provides a foundation of security and trust. It also offers abstract hardware security during application development, can adapt to existing manufacturing processes during the device manufacturing stage, and provide lifecycle security for in-field management. EmSPARK™ supports a variety of platforms, including Microchip, NXP, NVIDIA, and ST.

EmSPARK™ allows device OEMs to prevent the device from becoming compromised by isolating and protecting security credentials, using an end-to-end secure boot process, managing keys and certificates, and more. OEMs can also protect device-resident software, prevent supply chain compromises, and accelerate time-to-market while lowering the cost of implementation.

Sequitur Labs’ solutions include a range of features to make connected devices more secure.

Strong Security and Abstraction
Sequitur Labs’ security solutions help you achieve faster time-to-market through IP protection at the edge, chip-to-cloud integration, streamlined processes, and abstraction of SoC complexity.

Firmware Protection
Security solutions protect the firmware throughout the product lifecycle by using a provisioning process when manufacturing in non-secure facilities and preventing firmware theft, counterfeiting, and unauthorized production.

Foundational Security
The EmSPARK™ Security Suite offers foundational security across IoT and embedded verticals through trusted boot, secure update, trusted execution, key injection and more.

ARM® TrustZone
By using the ARM® TrustZone architecture, EmSPARK™ supports encryption, data transmission, storage, and key and certification management to create a safe and secure environment for device data and applications.

Sequitur Labs offers expertise in security and embedded systems, with experience in security mapping, customizations, security reviews, implementing embedded security and more.

A “smart” future is ahead as more and more embedded systems become connected to the internet. These devices are expected to further connect people, drive productivity and more. However, if connected devices don’t have the proper security in place, they could become the target for malicious attacks, leading to stolen intellectual property, lost credibility and damaged products. Are your connected devices safe? If you need to secure your embedded systems, Sequitur Labs can help. You can learn more about them and their solutions at

Sequitur Labs

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