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SEOJobsFinder.comA resource that goes by a self-explanatory name, this portal will let you have it both ways as you can post openings and apply for jobs online. Individuals located in the United States, the United Kingdom and India will be able to employ this search tool and find jobs not only in the field of SEO but also web developments jobs and positions we all associate with the WWW.

As a result, the site includes a navigation menu that subdivides itself into items like “PPC Manager”, “General Programmer” and “SEM”. Upon clicking on any of these, you will visualize all the relevant positions grouped together and ready to be perused.

This initiative is actually the English version of an Israeli jobs board created by Mr. Or Hillel. Of course, feedback, insight and suggestions on how to improve the site are welcome. If you found the site worth using but felt there were some rough spots that could be ironed out do get in touch and let him and his team know. In Their Own Words

“People all over the world can use our powerful search functions to find the job that suits them, You can search totally free for you next job in your area. Our site started in the beginning of 2009, We search over the net to search for a site that show only seo jobs but nothing was found. So we started our job site for people that look for jobs only in the seo field over the world.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The unfortunate way things stand out, with the current recession programmers and technology professionals might need to look up fresh employment opportunities. This site will let them do exactly so.

Some Questions About

Can you post your CV to the site so that employers can see it and keep it in mind?

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