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Sensoryx AG Revolutionizes XR with the Maliang Magic Pencil

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In a world swiftly embracing the metaverse, Sensoryx AG emerges as a beacon of innovation with its groundbreaking VR input device, the Maliang Magic Pencil. Founded in 2017 by Rolf Adelsberger, this Zürich-based tech startup is on a mission to redefine the boundaries between the digital and physical realms. With the world’s most accurate spatial tracking technology at its core, Sensoryx is not just creating a tool but crafting the future of extended reality (XR).

The Maliang Magic Pencil, Sensoryx AG’s flagship product, epitomizes the fusion of creativity and technology. Engineered to seamlessly turn creative visions into reality, this device stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to pushing the limits of what’s possible in XR. The recent launch of a Kickstarter campaign for the Maliang Magic Pencil underscores Sensoryx’s ambition and the public’s growing interest in their innovations.

Company Overview:

  • Name: Sensoryx AG
  • Year Founded: 2017
  • Type of Company: Tech Startup
  • HQ Location: Zürich
  • Startup Founders: Rolf Adelsberger
  • One-liner: “Simply Spatial”

Progress and Current Status: The Kickstarter campaign for the Maliang Magic Pencil is just the latest milestone for Sensoryx AG. With this initiative, the company aims to bridge the gap between digital creativity and tangible results, offering a tool that promises to transform the XR landscape.

Inspiring Story: Sensoryx’s journey from a successful venture on Indiegogo to launching the Maliang Magic Pencil on Kickstarter is a narrative of resilience, innovation, and the joy of exceeding expectations. Their previous success laid a solid foundation for this ambitious new project, highlighting their expertise in producing and delivering cutting-edge gadgets.

Company Role Model: Apple Inc. stands as a luminary for Sensoryx, inspiring them with its innovative spirit, commitment to user experience, and seamless technology integration. Apple’s dedication to design, quality, and resonating with users mirrors Sensoryx’s own values, motivating them to achieve excellence.

Future Outlook: In four years, Sensoryx envisions itself as a leading force in the XR industry, having established the Maliang Magic Pencil as an essential tool for digital interaction. With plans to expand their product line and continue innovating, Sensoryx is poised to redefine how we engage with virtual and augmented reality, driven by creativity, quality, and user-centric design.

Sensoryx AG’s trajectory is a vivid illustration of how passion, innovation, and a clear vision can create tools that not only serve practical needs but also inspire new ways of thinking and creating. As they progress towards their ambitious goals, Sensoryx AG is undeniably a startup to watch in the evolving landscape of technology and creativity.


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