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SensibleUnits.comSome people simply cannot get fathom numbers; it’s beyond their depths. And even those who do crunch them for a living, those who keep the books, and constantly load Excel spreadsheets, sometimes need a break.

That’s where SensibleUnits comes in handy. It’s a rather inane tool, but buckets of fun nonetheless. SensibleUnits converts numbers into things you can wrap your head around. For instance, if you type in 75 inches, Sensible tells you that those inches are equivalent to 16 CD’s side by side, 9.5 five month old human fetuses end to end, and 37 AA batteries end to end. So you get a sense of just what numbers can mean. For some, it makes things clearer, for others Sensible is simply full of interesting facts. In Their Own Words

“Convert boring units to real objects as you type!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is actually a rather cool tool. It makes numbers into stories; it gives you odd factoids to dish out at parties or during those awkward social gaps; and it makes numbers more fun. Those who never got along with digits will find that SensibleUnits makes them more fathomable.

Some Questions About

How accurate are these measurements anyhow? What’s with all the fetuses?

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