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Semantifi.comSemantifi is a new search engine that does something actually different. In general terms, it looks through datasets that have been created by users in order to reach the true confines of the “Deep Web”.

These datasets are employed to power searches in logical ways, and people can actually type in questions to be answered back a la Wolfram Alpha – a service that plays in the same ballpark as this one, and that is always going to be a point of comparison. Yet, the role the users have when it comes to Semantifi is something of its very own.

Users can create all the datasets that they want in order to let the search engine direct its steps through the Web and find answers more directly. These datasets (which can also be called search apps) can be of personal interest or have a broader appeal. In due time, they will all be grouped together in something comparable to Apple’s App Store. When that happens, the aim of the site of becoming a marketplace for search apps will be realized. In Their Own Words

“A search portal to publish and search databases.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Enabling people to conduct searches that are powered with their own sets of data is something that has never done before.

Some Questions About

Will people be able to promote their search apps on sites like Facebook and Twitter?

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