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Here’s One Company You Won’t Mind All Up In Your Bizness

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What’s a major reason so many startups don’t make it? It’s not for lack of good ideas, that’s for sure, ‘cause I’m amazed every single day at the creativity that pours out of the minds of startup founders. The problem, then, is not that we’re not coming up with great products but that those products are not reaching their target client base.


So what can you do? You’ve rocked Facebook, you’re active on Twitter, you’ve even done some old-school print ads aimed to pull in clients, but you’re still just not seeing the customer conversion you’d like, especially when it comes to selling to small businesses.




Well kids, it’s time to pull out the big guns. And by guns I mean an awesome CRM (Customer Relationship Management) company that will help you target other small businesses, as well as guide you through the whole process of sealing the deal.


There are plenty of CRM tools out there. The problem for a bootstrapping startup founder, however, is twofold:

  1. That shit is expensive.
  2. If you’re not a marketing expert already, most CRM tools are crazy-hard to navigate.


Introducing: Bizness CRM.






Let’s deal with the price point first…

Bizness CRM is not one of those services that’s gonna cost you that arm and a leg you can’t afford to lose. They’ll get you started with a 30-day free trial to see if they work for you. If you’re digging what they’re doing, you can upgrade to $19 a month for their “Professional” service and if you’re really loving it, they’ve got a $300 a month “White Label” option that includes everything unlimited and extra support.


I see no problems so far.


Don’t have a degree in business/marketing/anything-at-all-because-you-dropped-out-to-do-your-startup? No problem!

Most CRM tools come with a bunch of complicated tools that take more time than you’re willing to spare just to figure out. I know you have about 800 million things your juggling right now, founder, which is why Bizness CRM is perfect for you.


First off, it’s got a great UI. I love anything that maps out exactly what steps need to be taken and how much progress has been made with each one. Bizness CRM does exactly that and does it with a streamlined design that cuts out all of the clutter and unnecessary crap.






The second thing I love is the fact that every update you make to an ongoing deal is immediately added to your calendar. That kind of streamlining is essential for anyone who is juggling multiple tasks, multiple clients, and wearing the hats of CEO, marketer, designer, and coder all at once.


Or just for someone with a crap memory, i.e.: Me.



A CEO who knows what founders need.

CEO Andrew Gazdecki had his first business at the tender age of 10, selling baseball cards to the neighbor kids. At 13 he’d set up his own eBay business and by 15 he was already heading his first website for profit.


Andrew clearly has the experience, despite being only 24, to know exactly what entrepreneurs need so, startup founder, what are you waiting for? Why not head on over and take a swing at that free trial? You’ve got nothing to lose and may just have quite a bit to gain.


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