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Upgrade Your Tickets With Last Minutes Deals From Seat Leap

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Imagine that you’re getting ready to go see your favorite musician or baseball team. You were SO stoked to get tickets, even if you couldn’t quite afford the seats you wanted, but now you’re a little worried about how well you’ll be able to see from the nosebleed section – and annoyed that last time you went, half the “good” seats went unfilled. If this sounds familiar to you, consider checking out Seat Leap for a deal on a last-minute chance to upgrade your tickets.

seat leap

Tickets to live events are a highly perishable commodity that offer a huge potential opportunity for both brokers and buyers. Seat Leap is a two-sided marketplace that allows ticket sellers and buyers to capitalize on unused and unsold tickets at live events, giving fans the ultimate game time opportunity to upgrade their seats by releasing last-minute deals on unused tickets at live events.

How It Works

After you download the App, upgrading your tickets only requires a few simple steps:

  • View “Leaps” – Check in to the game, concert, or other live event and see your options to potentially upgrade your tickets.
  • Purchase Leap – Once you find the seat you want to upgrade to, you can pay via credit card, Apple Pay, or Android Pay and get your new ticket electronically.
  • Share & Earn Credit – Users can get credits by sharing the Seat Leap app with their friends and family.



Seat Leap is currently in beta-testing. If you’d like to upgrade your tickets and avoid the nosebleed section without shelling out as much dough, you can request an invitation to join their beta testers.


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