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If you have some doubts before hiring someone for your company because you find that person a bit suspicious to say the least, then is what you need to avoid making a mistake you’ll regret afterwards.  Simply put, this is a website where you can look for all kind of public records. Both criminal records and civil records can be found using this site’s advanced search interface – an interface that also lets you look for background reports, and carry out reverse searches.


In all cases, you can choose the State (or States) that you want your search to take into account. And if you don’t know where that person comes from (or if you suspect he has lied about his State of birth), then you can just carry out a nationwide search, and look through the US from coast to coast.

So, this is an online retrieval resource in the broadest sense. You’ll be able to know the past of any person who has come into your life (or into the life of any person you care about, such as your daughters or your best friends), and if there’s anything dodgy you’ll get to know as much immediately.

Just to cover all bases, it’s good to mention that this website is not affiliated with the United States Government, or with any Federal or State government agency. The information that it presents you with is retrieved from public registries, but that doesn’t mean the site is endorsed by any agency or office.


Author : Caroline Bright

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