How to submit? – Icons That Express Who You Are

SealTale.comSealTale is a new service whereby you can add an icon to any post you publish on your blog, and make clear your allegiance to any cause, company or individual. These icons mean that a bond will be created with the ones who also have them featured on their blogs.

The icons on offer range far and wide, from “iPhone User” and “Microsoft Silverlight” to “Like Music”, “Fall In Love” and “Disney”. The seals are actually categorized under the following banners: “I am”, “I like”, “I do” and “By user” and so far more than 110 seals are available for you to choose from.

The objective of this service is clear: letting everybody have a further way for connecting and building bonds. And note that if your interests are currently not represented it is always possible to request one to be added to the list of featured seals. Moreover, if you are particularly talented you can draw one of your own by using the provided generator and submit it. In Their Own Words

“Attach seals on blogs – express yourself!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an excellent way of bonding with individuals like you effortlessly.

Some Questions About

How can the system advertise itself so that it becomes widespread?

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