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Scout Provides Organic, Human-Curated Search Results

What do you do when you have a question or want to learn more about a specific
topic? You’re likely going to use an online search engine to find the information
you’re looking for. What you might think is going to be a simple search can quickly
turn into time spent scrolling through page after page of search results, trying to
find the content that’s most relevant to your search query. Not only that, but there
are ads everywhere. Is this really the only option?

The folks at Scout thought there should be a better way to find information and
created their own next-generation search engine: Scout offers organic
results, better content, and more trusting relationships between users and search
providers. Instead of using bots and AI, Scout is designed to provide all-around
better results that are organic, authentic, human-curated, crowd-sourced and up-

Scout offers a wide range of features to reach its goals of human-curated content,
organic results, and information fairness.

Human-curated results
Scout believes it’s cool to be human and important for people to have acute memory
and their own tastes. While other search engines rely on bots and artificial
intelligence, Scout is anti-bot and anti-AI, and instead relies on real people for the
best possible search results.

Organic search
Instead of filling search results pages with ads and promoted content, Scout believes
in organic results and human-curated content. uses organic search and is
working on building an index affected by authentic results. There are no filter
bubbles, no tracking, and they are always moving towards open source.

Other search engines offer their services for free, but there is still a cost: privacy.
Scout believes the “free” business model is the gateway for ads on the web and can
result in privacy issues. That’s why they’re focused on perfecting privacy. In order to
avoid using ads, Scout offers a low-cost subscriber model.

Subscriber model
Scout’s low-cost subscriber model allows people to use the site for $10/year. This
helps them avoid placing ads on search results pages or an improved user

User accounts and interaction
In addition to performing searches, users with an account can also help improve the
search results by curating, reviewing, and voting on results and answers. For
example, they can up-vote the results that they like best and are most helpful. By
helping to improve the search results, users can also earn rewards. There’s even a
leader board that shows Scout’s top users.

Scout believes that search engine technology is at the edge of the frontier and is
looking for explorers. As a new addition to the web, it offers the opportunity to get
involved with an exciting new project.

Do you want better results when using an online search engine? Do you want to
contribute to making that happen? With Scout, anyone can help make better,
organic, human-curated search results a reality. Visit to learn more and
create your account.

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