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ScaleXtreme.comA provider of cloud-based server automation products, ScaleXtreme gives IT administrators the perfect tools for managing physical servers, virtual machines and cloud servers from wherever they are. This includes any computer that can access the Internet, and also their mobile browsers. So, if you’re the manager of a data center you can use this service to monitor the performance of your servers 24/7, and receive alerts whenever anything goes wrong.

This is done by building and deploying a series of templates that can be launched both on public and private cloud providers. These templates are created in a really intuitive way, and you can change them as many times as you need afterwards. Whenever the configuration of your servers is modified, you’ll be able to let ScaleXtreme know as much just by changing the template that you’re using.

Once your templates are up and running, then you can manage the configuration, inventory and applications on your servers in real time. And you can also create both one-time and recurring tasks.

There’s three versions of ScaleXtreme: “Xpress”, “Xpert” and “Xtreme”. The “Xpress” version comes free of charge, while the “Xpert” and “Xtreme” plans are billed $5 and $15 per month. All three plans can handle an unlimited number of servers, but only the two paid versions of the service let you manage multiple clouds. In Their Own Words

ScaleXtreme provides powerful, cloud-based server automation products for the modern distributed datacenter. Built from the ground up to be simple, scalable and social, ScaleXtreme gives customers a unified automation platform to build and control physical, virtual and public cloud servers.

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