Saving Money Has Never Been Easier – Digit Does It Automatically

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Today’s Killer Startup: Digit


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Elevator Pitch:

Digit regularly and automatically transfers a small amount of money from your checking account, so you can save money without even thinking about it.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I’ve been broke or pretty close to broke my whole adult life. My first grownup job was at a vintage store in NYC, where I got paid $9 an hour, under the table. In New York. In 2008. My second job was as a social worker, and now I’m a full-time writer — neither of which are known for being especially lucrative careers. As a result, it’s only very recently that I’ve managed to start saving money again, so I appreciate how hard it can be.


My method? Set up two separate accounts — one for long-term savings and one for travel — and figure out a portion of every payment that would go to each one. It’s time consuming, kind of annoying, and I often lose track of which account the money went into.


And that’s why I’m really digging Digit. Digit analyzes your spending patterns and determines what amount you can afford to put into savings, without you having to do a thing. They then take that amount (which their website says is usually between $5-50) out every two to three days, and put it into a savings account for you. The promise to never transfer money that you can’t afford and even have a no-overdraft guarantee.


Another thing I really like about Digit is that money put aside is out of sight. So, for example, I needed a new computer this past summer and I dipped into my savings account — which I kind of regretted afterward. It happened because when I opened my bank page, I could see just how much money I had and access it immediately. Digit saves your money in a Digit savings account, which makes it just a little harder to get to — although not too hard. If you ever need your money, you can just text Digit and they’ll transfer your money from your Digit savings account to your bank, and you’ll have your funds within one business day.


So if you’re having trouble saving money — and who isn’t? — head over to Digit and let them set you up with automatic savings today.



Saving $$ has never been easier! But for real though – @hellodigit does it right.


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