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SafeShare.tvYouTube has changed in ways that not everybody is keen of. Some claim that videos now are far more interactive and immersive, yet others say that the current way in which videos are presented demeans the purpose of the site and the experience is a cluttersome one.

Both sides are right to a certain degree, of course. But if your position is the latter one (IE, the “I’m a conservative folk who wants to watch the video and nothing else”) then this site will make your day.

In principle, it will let you view and share YouTube videos in a very quick fashion. All you have to do is cut and paste the corresponding URL, and a safe link will be generated.

This safe link not only does not omit distracting elements but also dispenses with these videos that are offensive and that have a risk of cropping up in the “related” section if you were visualizing the video on YouTube.

Although the service will be useful for users ranging far and wide, it is obvious that parents and teachers are going to be benefited the most by it. If you are one, head straight to the site and have a good look around. In Their Own Words

“A better way to share YouTube videos without distracting recipients with unrelated and offensive videos. “

Why It Might Be A Killer

YouTube is great, but it has a number of inherent dangers. This lets you counterbalance them efficiently.

Some Questions About

What kind of control can you exert over the process of creation of the link?

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