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Started in 1948 as a store that specialized in baby furniture, Toys “R” Us has become one of the leading suppliers of juvenile products in the world. There’s more than 850 Toys “R” Us stores in the US alone, and the company’s product are also sold internationally, in over 140 licensed stores. Many people regard Toys “R” Us as one of the most important kids’ brands in the world. And if you reckon as much (and you’d like to become part of it all), then this site is where you can learn about employment opportunities at the company. includes the following sections: “Careers”, “Corporate Careers”, and “Store & Distribution Center Careers”. Each one is updated daily, and you can not only learn about the latest jobs that have become available at Toys “R” Us, but also apply to the ones you like on the spot.

And if you’re a student, then you can learn about internships on this page. Both undergraduate and graduate internships opportunities are listed, and new ones are announced every summer (the recruiting process always starts in February).

Ultimately, being part of a company like Toys “R” Us is one of the best ways to gain exposure to the most representative facets of the global retail industry. Any of the positions that are listed on will give you a perfect understanding of how a store with international appeal operates.

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