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RumbleTalk.comHow can you make your visitors become more connected with your content, and begin relating to it in a more direct way – the kind of way that would lead them to recommending it to all of their friends? There is obviously no unanimous answer to that question. Yet, there are a couple of ways to answer it that are more or less hard to veto. And giving them a chance to talk with other visitors right as they are reading/seeing your content certainly falls in that category. And you know, that is exactly what RumbleTalk will let you do – to add a chat functionality to your site whereby any person who is visiting it will be able to communicate with other people who also happen to be there. This can but make everybody remember your content more vividly at the end of the day.

Just think about it, people might as well learn an important lesson or two when discussing your content with others. And if they are not forgetting about your content in a hurry, then they are more likely to recommend it to their friends, right?

RumbleTalk is free to use. You simply sign up for the service, choose the skin that would do your site justice and off you will go. In Their Own Words

RumbleTalk is a skinnable group chat platform that helps you easily connect your online visitors and build active community around your content.

Why It Might Be A Killer

You will be able to give your visitors a further reason to stay on your site, and also to promote your content for you.

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What else is this service good for?

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