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The Rockstar Lessons Of Bandhappy

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An amazing guitarist and now music teacher lived on the same floor as me my freshman year of college. The twenty foot separation allowed me to take the lessons I’d always wanted to take. While no one else in the dorm I’m sure was pleased with the results of this partnership, I learned to mangle Pearl Jam tunes into sing-a-along shape to my great personal satisfaction and Steve kept from joining the ranks of starving artists. Now there’s a startup, Bandhappy, that makes arranging music lessons (and torturing neighbors) easier than ever.


Maryland-based, Bandhappy is a platform for live and online music lessons. Of course this allows for students to learn from the comfort of home, but it also serves conveniently as a marketplace for any kind of musical instruction that students can search by instrument, teacher, band, or style. Remember “Better Man?” I’m not sure I still know how to play it, but I’m sure everyone in my building would love to hear the tune brought to life again. I may just create add my profile.


For Those About To Rock…

The days of depravity might not be over for aspiring rockers–they’re still musicians after all–but Bandhappy provides even touring musician an easy way to make money working directly with their passions. Live video chat lets musicians keep a student base while moving about from city to city. Cofounder Matt Halpern began working on Bandhappy back in 2008. He’s a recording artist and drummer for the metal band Periphery. Life on the road helped inspire Halpern to create a way for traveling musicians to make extra money.




The history books of are filled with money-challenged performers, so it’s no surprise that this practical solution to financial woes was co-founded by Jonathan E. Rivlin. A clarinetist with classic training, Rivlin also worked for several years as a CPA. No jacuzzi on this tour bus.



Right In Tune

Bandhappy takes a 15% commission for lessons taught through the marketplace. Potential teachers are subject to review before they can advertise their services. Instructors set their own rates and hours. The platform facilitates scheduling, payment, and the live lessons themselves all onsite.




A full launch commenced earlier this year. Since then, Bandhappy has grown its users into the tens of thousands in more than 100 countries. Approximately 700 musicians have been vetted to teach online. The company has seen revenues from day one, and looks to continue expanding while adding more features, including mobile applications.


How To Hit The High C

Some fans sound eager for signing lessons to join the mix at Bandhappy. More than 26,000 people follow the site’s Facebook page, so the potential for social growth appears enormous as well. While Bandhappy might not provide any revolutionary services, their ability to take full advantage of technology and put together a great package might help them produce a memorable hit.


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