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RollSale Rebuilds The Car Sales Engine By Helping Folks Sell Used Cars Online



I know some startups are on to a good thing when they make me feel terrible, terrible as in “Why didn’t I know about you earlier, where were you when I needed you? You could have made my life so much easier.” It’s a feeling I’ve come to recognize many times a day. I’m developing a permanent handprint on my forehead where I smack myself after the feeling sets in that testifies to the pain that Internet entrepreneurs inflict upon me. Well, perhaps a good sign for, they just made me feel miserable.


RollSale helps car owners sell used cars online easily. No paying for ads. No canvassing the town with fliers. No paying to leave your vehicle on a lot and hope that it sells. With RollSale, you enter your car’s Vin# and the Zip Code where you live, and your road warrior enters a database that lets local car dealers make the offers to take the vehicle of your hands. Instead of hunting for a buyer, the buyers come looking for you.




Great for Owners

I’m going to keep this one a secret from my friends who helped me unload my ’02 Mazda Protege a year ago. They put in a lot of leg work in the community helping me sell my wheels when I couldn’t be there to do the work myself (look for a forthcoming novel with more details). Needless to say, for car owners to access a quick list of offers–and for them to be able to make a sale by doing as little as clicking on the preferred choice–is a dream come true.


All information is entered anonymously, so owners don’t need to worry about being hassled with phone calls. There’s no actual contact with a dealer until an offer is accepted and a drop off time arranged. No haggling over price either!


Dealer’s Delight

I know, you’re probably asking yourself the same question that I did: “Why would dealerships bid on your car or let the competition know what they’re willing to pay?” Turns out, it’s common practice for dealers to stock their inventory by going to auctions. These auctions entail transaction fees, transportation fees, and the risk of post-purchase, disastrous inspection. The old system is time consuming and costly for everyone.





The RollSale service saves dealers from all the extra costs and additional steps of rolling a car out for display. They also have the chance to check out the goods before parting with any dough. It’s a win-win exchange for car owners and dealers.


Behind the Wheel

Chris DeGroat and Brian Moore co-founded RollSale. DeGroat previously worked at AdKeeper and Announce Media. Moore has a background in finance, and he has consulted for firms including IBM and General Motors. RollSale hails from St. Louis, but there’s no reason the company can’t put the pedal to the medal and bring the model to any local community. The potential scalability is just one more reason to expect good things from RollSale–one more reason I might need an ice pack above my right eye.


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Author : Keith Liles

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