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Anatomy Of Success: Matt Sandler

 As if it weren’t cool enough to play music professionally – and to actually know how to read music – Matt Sandler has found a way to help legions of budding musicians pursue their melodious dreams. Saxophonist, entrepreneur, startup co-founder: remix them Sandler-style and what you’ll hear is Chromatik, a collaborative platform for learning, practicing, and teaching music.



That’s Not Elevator Music In The Background

In addition to grooving in the L.A. music scene, Matt worked in business development and operations at CitizenNet, as a consultant at SRO consultants, and in both programming and A&R for KROQ-FM and Capitol Records respectively.





The Fusion of his passions and experience helped him to create Chromatik. On this platform, it’s possible to upload and download sheet music, listen to sample recording, and record practice sessions. The Apple application syncs across multiple devices, which means that students and teachers, bandmates, or classmates can share sheet music and music recordings.



Making annotations directly onto sheet music makes studying easier for students. Likewise, it’s more convenient for teachers to make and store corrections with Chromatik. The collaborative nature of the application disrupts the tradition of solitary practice – allowing practitioners to learn and perform together more easily while providing teachers with the means to give more personal feedback quickly.


Hitting All the Right Notes

Chromatik has excited investors to the tune of $7.7 million so far. Notable backers include Virgin Records co-chairman Jeff Ayeroff and artist Bruno Mars (who recently performed during halftime at the Superbowl). The hit show American Idol signed on as an early client.


Chromatik is now used in over 72 countries by thousands of organizations. Clearly, Sandler has perfect pitch, innovating in a space ready to embrace technology and long overdue for revamping.






It’s not how much you practice, but how you practice. Chromatik lets users take their music anywhere they want, and share it as it will help best develop talent and enthusiasm. It’s hard to stay excited for practice if you’re always alone and producing, well, less than beautiful music. Chromatik hopes to make the learning process more enjoyable, as it surely makes it easier to share with those more likely to be encouraging and helpful. Listen here! This may very well be the sound of music’s future in performance and education.


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Author : Keith Liles

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