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It’s Not Who You Know, But Who You Should Know [Best In Beta]

Have you ever been creeped out by how Facebook and LinkedIn are able to recommend all the right people you should add to your networks? Of course you have, but, I bet you wouldn’t mind so much if you had the same powers at your disposal to grow your business.



This is what YesGraph is all about – recommending “exactly who a new user should invite,” putting the technology that’s helped the behemoth social networks in the hands of the littler guys. Fantastic, right?



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Nothing beats locating new customers with laser-like precision and minimal effort.


We hardly blink when Twitter suggests people we should follow. With YesGraph, businesses will learn to whom they should send invitations with the same levels of convenience and accuracy.


Young companies, small companies, struggle with marketing. If YesGraph stays affordable, it could prove to be a great alternative resource for attracting new business – both easier to use and less risky than other tools.


Why it will work

Not only is the concept winning, but the company has already shown some pluck, recognizing the need to take the product in a new direction based on early user behavior. YesGraph was focused on referrals and hiring, but teams were slow to adopt new processes. The revamped service will still use social data to connect businesses and people, but with growth instead of referrals in mind.


Founder Ivan Kirigin, previously a growth leader at Dropbox, made the astute call to shift attention to helping companies grow. Comments following the pivot announcement show that many shared Ivan’s thinking about YesGraph. An honest and transparent change of direction should help to maintain enthusiasm for YesGraph’s development.


$1.3 million in funding from the likes of Founder Collective and Andreessen Horowitz also gives YesGraph some muscle as it finds its way. Keep up with the latest activity by finding YesGraph on AngelList and at


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