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What startup is going to be the next big hit? Everyone wants to know the answer to this question – investors, potential co-founders, bloggers, job seekers and more. Hundreds of startups enter private beta each month. This is far too many to keep up with for anyone. Each week I choose a startup that’s new to the scene in this column, Best In Beta, that I think deserves the spotlight. Let’s discover the next megastar first!


For Love of Rankings

What better way to find startup stars than a tool to find the hottest startups? SpotRocket ranks over 30,000 startups, helping students find the best tech companies where they might find work. Users can filter scores by industry or location to zero-in on relevant options.




A SpotRocket Score is determined by a proprietary algorithm that measures startup potential based on data related to funding history, web traffic, social media metrics, industry metrics and other factors.


“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, get on, don’t ask what seat.”

Startup culture is ready to go mainstream. Communities have sprung up in cities across the nation. There’s even a Mike Judge show on HBO, “Silicon Valley,” further thrusting young entrepreneurs turned business successes into the limelight. About time there’s a tool like SpotRocket to better quantify the dynamic and flourishing startup world.




The secret is out that startups represent one of the few bright spots in the economy in recent years when it comes to employment (not to mention investments) – and you don’t have to read far on any media site with tech coverage to hear again about the constant need for talent. SpotRocket will only help attract more candidates to promising ventures.


It’s also no secret that startups’ fortunes sour fast without the right people onboard. SpotRocket could help teams recruit the right personnel quicker. Oh, and don’t we all love numbers – rankings, competition, quantified performance?


Six students from the Harvard Business School are responsible for creating SpotRocket. The team hopes to launch their own rocket in the near future. Visit for more details. Stay up on their latest news and developments by following SpotRocket on Facebook and Twitter.


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Lawrence Leonard Gilbert | SpotRocket

Author : Keith Liles

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