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Expecting Parent? Life As You Know It May Not Be Over Quite Yet Thanks To This App

Exhausted-Amelia 2As an expecting parent, having spent the last week with my two nieces (2 years old and 4 months old), I am properly terrified. I like to maintain a schedule and routine, and I have seen firsthand what kids can do to all attempts at organization. Say goodbye to sleep, timelines, and life as you know it, my family has forewarned me.



Yet – because I am probably delusional, insanely optimistic, and hardwired to question conventional (even convincing) truth – in the back of my head, I have been wondering if things might not go a little differently for me.


Don’t get me wrong, I still plan to join the ranks of the walking dead, but the BabyTime baby tracking app gives me hope that I needn’t surrender my love for order entirely.






BabyTime is a forthcoming iOS app that helps parents track their baby’s feeding and sleeping habits. BabyTime lets parents track things like how often the baby eats and for how long, and which side the baby last used in the case of mothers breastfeeding.


If I’ve taken anything away from my parenting bootcamp this week it’s that breast milk is worth gold. It’s hard on the mother to pump and directly feed her child. Breast milk needs to be transported, stored, and heated properly. So parents need to know how much the baby is eating.


Despite the importance of breast milk, fatigue has a way of erasing feed times and milk quantity from the memory. BabyTime makes it easy to monitor the mother’s nursing patterns or the baby’s bottle intake.






Evidently parents themselves, the creators of BabyTime clearly understand how challenging it is for parents to keep information (and their lives!) straight. So the app also serves as a convenient tool for tracking diaper use and changes. This helps plan the next store run accordingly.


And, of course, BabyTime tracks blessed sleep – when and for how long the baby sleeps. Not only does BabyTime help record these simple but vital details, but it helps parents understand patterns over time, which makes it easier for everyone to make sense of and adjust to changing routines.


A night mode that shifts to a low-contrast background, gentler on bleary eyes during the wee hours, is a thoughtful design touch that reflects the care that has gone into building BabyTime.






It goes without saying that parents have their hands full, so one-hand operation is essential. The ability to track different things from one screen by quick click greatly increases the likelihood that parents will actually take the precious extra seconds to use the app.


In general, parents are a great market for startups to consider directing their efforts toward. There will always be more on the way, they tend to share information – so they are likely to tell all their friends about apps they enjoy – and they are VERY eager for tools that simplify and improve their lives. I personally hope BabyTime works as well as it’s been conceived.


Visit to learn more and to request early access to the BabyTime baby tracking app.


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