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Rewardlover.comRewardlover is a shopping portal with a wealth of products to suit your every whim. The difference between reward lover and the vast majority of other online marketplaces is that Rewardlover only posts offers that include a cash back incentive for shoppers.

Simply registering allows you to start searching the database and when you find a product you’d like to buy, the percentage cash back will also be included. Once you have obtained at least $10 in cash back, you can have it transferred to your account via the online payments service of your choice. Basically, Rewardlover is like the old school rebate offers where you can mail in your proof of purchase to get money back but with Rewardlover you don’t have to mail anything you just get money back. They are currently running a refer-a-friend promotion and will pay you $1 for every person you refer to the service. In Their Own Words

“Rewardlover gives you the opportunity to simply earn cashback rewards when you shop online. You can earn cashback rewards on shopping and get great offers on credit cards, fashion, holidays and a range of other online services. Payment is easily achievable by visiting either “Free Rewards” or “Daily Reward” offers, where no purchases are necessary.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Anyone would prefer to get cash back when buying a product so if is able to supply everything that people need, they may become a key place where people go to shop online and save.

Some Questions About

Will they be able to draw the best companies that will allow them to offer the best products and give cash back? Perhaps they should consider giving people the option of either receiving cash back or getting a smaller but immediate discount on products.

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