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The Journey of

In the world of education, where the workload on educators is ever-increasing, emerges as a groundbreaking solution designed to alleviate one of the most time-consuming tasks: essay grading. Founded in 2023 by Raj Menon, a former teacher turned innovator, leverages artificial intelligence to grade essays effectively and efficiently, promising to save teachers 70-80% of their time.

Company Overview

  • Name:
  • Year Founded: 2023
  • Type of Company: Edtech
  • HQ Location: Remote
  • Startup Founders: Raj Menon
  • One-Liner: Grade essays quickly and efficiently using our AI-enabled grading tool.

Progress and Current Status

Since its launch, has been on a mission to transform the essay grading process for educators around the globe. The platform has been released and is now in search of early adopters to help shape the development of the product further. This initiative underscores the startup’s commitment to innovation and its user-centric approach, aiming to refine and enhance the capabilities of their AI grading tool based on real-world feedback and usage.

A Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, aspires to become a leading provider of AI tools for the edtech industry. The startup’s ambition extends beyond essay grading; it aims to develop a suite of tools that assist teachers in various aspects of their daily tasks, making the go-to site for educators when they start their day. This vision reflects a broader goal to support educators in teaching more effectively and to help students achieve better learning outcomes.

An Inspiring Origin

The inspiration behind stems from Raj Menon’s personal experiences as a teacher, where he faced the challenge of spending countless hours grading essays. This frustration led to the conceptualization of an AI-powered tool that could significantly reduce grading time, allowing teachers to focus more on teaching and less on administrative tasks. This innovative solution is a testament to the potential of leveraging AI to address real-world problems in education.

Admiration for

In its quest for innovation and impact, looks up to, a successful edtech AI startup known for its leading AI tool for students worldwide.’s success in utilizing AI to enhance the educational experience serves as a model for, inspiring the team to pursue their vision of making educational tools that are not only effective but also genuinely improve the well-being and academic success of students and educators alike.

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