Zpub.com – Palimpsests, Paratexts And A Directory

Zpub.comZ publishing is a San Francisco-based publishing company that has dealt extensively with the city it lives and works in, and lots of salient figures of its past and present fauna. This site is not quite the corporate headquarters of Z, nor should you expect to find anything along those lines, but rather odds and bits that have been worked and reworked to become books, manuscripts, research notes, links to stories, histories, opinion columns, pictures, projects, etc.

that have (or may have) been of use to come up with biographies and histories of the city that have known the light in book format, though unfortunately you can’t buy the books from the site. The site is as eclectic as one would be inclined to infer based on the topography where it’s born: a gallery of local currency here, sign a petition to fix the public transportation system there, a biography of some 19th century crazy person, and the list goes on. If you are a devout dweller of that area of California, or just interested in what happened there you’ll love it, though it is quite clear that you might be hypnotized by this site if you happen to be remotely interested in literary theory; indeed, scholars have been bitterly complaining about how since the inception of computers we have lost track of how a text comes to life, of how the first drafts are lost forever, about how we cannot know where an author edits his own materials and puts some of his sources aside before writing the final version of the text. Thanks to Zpub.com, a bit of that has been recovered, since we can take a look at the same things the writer of the book is when sitting in her desk. Hopefully we can look forward to have this trend catch up with most publishers, or at least with the most independent ones. Zpub.com