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Zimmer.comPatients and medical professional now have a place to meet and increase their knowledge. Pick up your area of interest and your location and let yourself be transported to one of the largest resource of information on health and healthcare for patients and caregivers.

From dental care, hip replacement, spine procedures, arthritis, there is almost nothing that hasn’t been covered and researched by Zimmer and Zimmer Gender Solutions. For patients free education materials are available to be ordered and for caregivers some valuable information on stress and stress management, communication skills, emotions, self-care should be taken into consideration especially with the risky emotional stuff involved when taking care of others. You shouldn’t miss the patient zone, which required registration, and where you will find newsletters that contain articles of personal interest, including funnier stuff than joint replacement such as travel, cooking, news, weather, entertainment, sports because at last those are also part of a healthier life. Zimmer.com