Zildjian.com – Crafted Musical Instruments

Zildjian.comDoes the name Zildjian ring a bell? Well, if you know a lot about music, you have probably heard his name before. Avedis Zildjian back in 1623 discovered a method of fusing copper, tin, and silver for creating original musical intruments.

At zildjian.com you will find many crafted musical instruments for you to choose from. The company is dedicated to elaborate only the finest percussion instruments in the world. On the main page of the web site there is a navigator bar on the left side containing diverse links, such as: cymbals, drum sticks, artists, videos, news and events, etc. Within the artists section you will find several famous artists as well as educators who play the drums; you can search by hall of fame, by country, drumset, or just see the full artist list. At the cymbals section there are cast bronze cymbals, orchestral and wind ensemble, band and concert, cymbal configurator, etc. Zildjian.com