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Zephyrpaintball.comA game that has spread all around the world since its creation in the 50’s in the United States, paintball stands today as an organized sport which has its own professional, semi-professional and divisional leagues, as well as regional tournaments and competitions. ZephyrPaintball.

com is a store that caters for paintball enthusiasts. The items on sale include paintball guns, goggles, and gloves and apparels. Apparels on offer include wallets that come in a plethora of designs, and thematically-related jerseys and pieces of clothing. Moreover, items such as barrels and assorted scenario gear can be purchased. Miscellaneous items such as gun maintenance kits and slings are also available. There are even paintball grenades for sale. A “New Items” section showcases the latest additions to the store. The navigation menu also lets the visitor browse through clearance items, and there are special packs available which contain all the gear to get started in the world of paintball. Blowout Sales are also carried out at the end of each year. Zephyrpaintball.com